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2017 Demos

Join us for demonstrations by some of the best pros in the business

Austin ChildressWHAT IS FLAVOR?
How Our 5 Senses Determine Our Flavor Experience
Presented by Austin Childress, Carabello Coffee

Learn how all your senses impact your coffee experience. Challenge your sense of smell with an olfactory test. Learn about coffee punch and coffee mocktails.

Austin is originally from the Cincinnati area, but has worked in coffee over the past 4 years in Hungary, Los Angeles, and finally back to Cincinnati. He is the lead Trainer & Educator for Carabello Coffee, manages the Analog Bar at Carabello, and holds the highest level of Barista Certification by the Specialty Coffee Association. He loves presenting the beauty, art and science of coffee, but is most passionate about coffee as connector to others.


Presented by Joseph Wesley Uhl, Joseph Wesley Tea Importers

Joe UhlTea 101 – You’ve geeked-out about coffee long enough so now it’s time to learn a little bit about that other hot beverage. As third wave roasting has refined coffee’s subtleties, enthusiasts are noticing that tea has a similar sophistication but with an even more complex culture and history. This talk will introduce visitors to those complexities and help them understand tea in ways they never imagined.

For over twenty-five years Joe has searched to find the world’s greatest tea growers and producers. Through this search he connected with luminaries who provided him with a deep knowledge and understandings about tea. In returning to Detroit, Michigan in 2001 he found it difficult to readjust. So, he became an attorney at a large law firm. It was not long, however, that he found himself feeling like another ‘grey suit.’ He did not relate to the work; its purpose was not his. Noticing the person he became through the eyes of his first daughter he realized a change was needed and resigned from the league of gray suits, packed his bags and returned to Asia. He reached out to his former mentors and began deconstructing the myths the western world carries about tea; about its flatness in culture, the tendency towards garish blends, and about how the discourse of craft and terroir is lost. In so doing, he realized there was an opportunity to tell a different story and to tell that story from the most unlikely places, his hometown Detroit. In moving back to Detroit, he started Joseph Wesley Black Tea and began sharing his love and passion for the world’s best tea.


Presented by Chuck Pfahler, La Terza Coffee

Chuck PfahlerEnjoy a brief history of espresso and learn the basics of making great espresso at home. Learn the tips and tricks professional baristas use to create the perfect drink.

Chuck Pfahler has been involved in specialty coffee in Cincinnati for over 15 years. He is the brand founder of La Terza Artisan Coffee Roasterie. Currently Chuck is serving as lead barista trainer at La Terza and teaches many of the classes La Terza offers. You can also find Chuck teaching coffee classes at UC Communiversity. Chuck has recently started a pop up espresso bar called Adesso Coffee, featuring coffee and teas from La Terza.


Braydon BooherPIP TO SIP
The History, Biology, and Processing of Coffee and What That Tastes Like
Presented by Braydon Booher, Deeper Roots

From Pip to Sip is an introduction to concepts about coffee before it gets to roasters and consumers. We’ll talk about the history of how coffee traveled throughout the world, biological aspects such as plant specifics and where they grow, harvesting, different processing methods, and drying to get coffee into a form to be roasted. From the seed of a drupe, to the cup on your table, it’s an exploration the journey of a coffee bean.

Braydon Booher is a trainer and education specialist for Deeper Roots Coffee. Braydon loves all things coffee, but particularly enjoys the botanical side of Coffea. If you’d like to nerd out with latin names of plants, Braydon is your guy.

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